At E*Kids, we believe that kids deserve to go to a church that is fun, safe, AND helps them grow in their relationship with Jesus.  Well, E*Kids shakes things up with interactive learning, games, and worship that kids love to participate in. No two services are alike, with different lessons each week that will challenge your child to love God, love others, and love themselves. We are constantly seeking how to best be able to teach children from K-5th grade that God loves them and has a plan for their lives. Whether it’s with videos, songs, object lessons, skits, games, or something else, we do it all.

We believe that God doesn’t care about age, and that He wants to use kids now. We do our best to provides kids with opportunities to serve God and others by giving of their time, energy, and effort! We know that your kids will LOVE their time in E*Kids, and we look forward to meeting them soon!

For more information about E*Kids, or if you have questions, please contact us today!


Early Childhood Ministries, or ECM, serves infants and toddlers ages birth – five. Our wonderful team of volunteers works hard to provide a safe and caring environment for little ones to learn and play while their parents enjoy the worship experience! Safety is our top priority, and we offer a top-flight child check-in system. With classrooms divided by age, your babies are sure to have a great time playing with other kids their age.