eKids at Home

This is the start of a brand new series called Bake Off, which is teaching us all about patience! This week’s video includes a message from Pastor Jenny, an awesome Bible story, a worship song, and more. Be sure to check out the video lesson and activity pages for eKids Jr. (ages 0-5) as well!

If your kids are a little older, like 4th-5th grade, they may get more out of this video, which is targeted specifically toward that age group. Or, the whole family could watch both videos and then discuss what they’ve learned!

eKids Jr (ages 0-5) is in the middle of a series called The Big Sandbox, and we would love for you and your little ones to spend some time watching this lesson and then using the forms below to talk about in more detail.

Each of these buttons links to an activity sheet that is based on age or grade level. Each sheet includes questions you can ask and activities you can do with your kids to reinforce the lesson from the videos. Whether you work on it all at once or a little bit every day, we encourage you to make this part of your weekly routine!