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Spriritual growth begins with the right church home

For years we have looked and prayed for a church that looks like Jesus.  It was easy to become disillusioned with the church in general.  But now that we have found Epicenter, we are being challenged on a regular basis to grow and give like Jesus.

We are learning to love.  We despise religious rules that are man-made.  And we have learned that as much as we despise them, we have been guilty of some of the same thoughts.  Epicenter is teaching us to love unconditionally.

God is constantly showing us His love and grace.  Because of the teachings every Sunday, we are continually seeking to grow at home.   Our family is growing spiritually.

We love Epicenter.  We love having a church that we are comfortable inviting friends.  We can invite friends who love Jesus and friends who don’t.  We know they will be welcome and loved.

Bryon & Donna Yeager