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Pivotal life moments shaped by God’s grace.

Reach out to others if we see a need, and above all to always give back to God what is His.

Hi I am Armando Santiago, your Assistant Production Manager of the Guru Team and this is my family! My lovely wife Linmary (Lin), who is one of the child caretaker volunteers in Epicenter, stepdaughter Anmary (Amy), and our newest addition Ana! With the exception of our newest addition we were all born and raised in Puerto Rico. After having met each other in high school over thirteen years ago, due to the Army Lin and I were separated. Amazingly enough in a pivotal point in both of our lives we found each other again five years ago and we basically took off were we had left off. We’ve been married for four years growing and learning with Epicenter. Our lives have changed radically this last year since we have faithfully been a part of Epicenter. God has been great to us, even though things in the world around us have been difficult to say the least. I was medically discharged from the Army and in a car wreck just twelve days later and one day away from Christmas Eve. Finding a job after my recovery hasn’t been easy either. Even so the Lord has kept his hand on our family and taken care of our finances.

In all of this Epicenter has been instrumental through the teachings and spiritual support that we have received through Pastor Mark Knight and his lovely wife Kim and the never ending support and encouragement from our beloved friends Tim Huggins and his wife Nichole Huggins. We have learned to be strong and stand firm even if the wind is blowing and water is entering our boat, to reach out to others if we see a need, and above all to always give back to God what is His. Even though these things should be common knowledge, sometimes we all need reminders. Believe me the blessings of putting such things in action are amazing! Through this and much more has Epicenter helped us grow and learn in ways that my wife and I have never experienced. Thank you Epicenter!